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Philippine Boyard, Jack Duplock, Toul Otsuki, Don Porcella

Shohei Sawahi, Steven Tabbutt




Philippine Boyard, Coco Dolle, Noriko Narahira, Toul Otsuki,

Shohei Sawahi, Steven Tabbutt







Katherine Daniels, Catherine Howe, Hiromi Murotani

Noriko Narahira, Asami Nishimura, Toul Otsuki, Don Porcella, Steven Tabbutt





Léonore Aberdam, Suzanne Jalenques, Hiromi Murotani

Noriko Narahira, Don Porcella, Shohei Sawai, Steven Tabbutt



Léonore Aberdam, Jack Duplock, Hiromi Murotani, Noriko Narahira

Toul Otsuki, Don Porcella, Shohei Sawai, Steven Tabbutt

Léonore Aberdam "Feeling like a Monkey" (2012)

graphite on paper 30x30cm


Pont Alexandre III Champs-Elysées

Don Porcella "Tree Huggers"

Jumbo Suzuki

untitled (2013) 145cm x145cm oil on canvas




solo show Steven Tabbutt

Kingdom (2013) 48x31cm



Steven Tabbutt, Léonore Aberdam

Toul Otsuki, Mari Minato, Anthony Peskine, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

Léonore Aberdam


Box 1-3 (2012) graphite on paper 16x16cm

with/avec Daisuke Nagaoka

Daisuke Nagaoka "Road to the other" DVD 9min 46 sec 2008

with/avec Andres Laracuente, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Rintaro Sawada, Steven Tabbutt

Rintaro Sawada "nichijyo no soko" 2010

with/avec Andres Laracuente

Andres Laracuente "Timepiece" digital video 5min22sec 2008

with/avec Mireille Blanc, Andres Laracuente, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Toul Otsuki, Steven Tabbutt

Toul Otsuki

with/avec Steven Tabbutt

Steven Tabbutt "Polar" 2009

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Daisuke Nagaoka, Leigh Ruple, Steven Tabbutt, Poh Wang, Flora Whiteley

Steven Tabbutt "Conquistador" 2008

with video-installation of Andres Laracuente Daisuke Nagaoka

 Laracuente "the in-crowd tickle" video installation still     Nagaoka "Road to the other" video still

Featuring (among others) Chikara Matsumoto Daisuke Nagaoka

 Matsumoto "Gold Tiger Eyes" video still     Nagaoka "Dreaming" video still


Introducing Leigh Ruple Steven Tabbutt


Ruple "Impossible Marriage" oil on canvas


Tabbutt "Red Boat" mixed media


Diva Digital and Video Art Fair @ Embassy Suites Hotel, New York - February 22 - 25, 2007.

featuring live performance/video JJ&Cecel with Lutz-Kinoy & Laracuente, and more


JJ & Cecel


Laracuente "Dr. Popper"


Billeneeve "Silencia"


Slick01 Contemporary Art Fair @ Bellevilloise Building, 19-21, rue Boyer 75020 Paris - October 27, 28, 29, 30 2006


Andres Laracuente,

"the in-crowd tickle" video installation


Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, "When I die this summer..." DVD

Also/Aussi: la culture des individu.e.s, performance par/by François Chaignaud


Diva Digital and Video Art Fair @ Embassy Suites Hotel, New York - March 10, 11, 12, 2006.


DiVA Digital and Video Art Fair @Kube Hotel, 1-5 passage Ruelle 75018 Paris, October 6 to 9

Felicia is a young French artist recently showcased at Les Soirees Nomades, "J'en reve" at Fondation Cartier

Coralie is a young French architect, offering a "design" for the homeless life environment


Diva Digital and Video Art Fair @ Embassy Suites Hotel, New York - March 11, 12, 13, 2005.

with/avec Matthew Lutz-Kinoy & James Leary.

Dumpling House Remix 05 Videostill Dumpling House Remix 05 Videostill MIXTAPE 04 Videostill






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